Helmut NewCake is the international benchmark for gluten-free pastry. The brand was born in Paris, being the first pastry shop in the city to offer a product suitable for intolerant people. They currently have 3 other stores in the most unique streets of the city and continue to innovate in creating products. They offer all their clients the widest variety of gluten-free products possible, preserving the most traditional and artisanal face of French pastry and bakery.


XELMY Agency has created the current brand identity for Helmut NewCake. Its objective is to convey the feeling and emotion that workers see on the face of any visitor who tests for the first time a taste that they could not know (due to their intolerance) or who lived younger and can feel it again.

From this great premise his brand book, his brand strategy, his photo shootings, his interior designs, his graphic pieces, his advertising campaigns, his content for networks, and his SEO / SEM were born. There is nothing more beautiful than an emotion on the palate, right?

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