LGBTQ+ community

XELMY launches an online campaign to ensure the LGBTQ + community is safe when dating offline through dating apps.


We are aware that the LGBTQ + dating market is a complicated market.



Millions of users connect every day to meet the love of their lives, a one-night stand, or even a friend to start a casual relationship with.



There are many different case uses and people involved, but they all have one thing in common. Everyone wants to feel safe and have a successful meeting, date, or relationship.



And with our client UrSafe we ​​can help with that and much more. The innovative features built into the UrSafe app go far beyond helping people to be safer, we can also reduce the legal liability that another online dating service has.




Currently, we are already doing it, we are creating a better world. For everyone, for all of us.

Especially in the LGBTQ + dating scene.


We generated a spot under the slogan "Being safe is a right!", We opened a conversation on channels of the social media sector and created some billboards communicating the campaign's claim.


UrSafe and other apps in the LGBTQ + sector achieved great results. Many users downloaded the app and had much safer experiences.

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