Sunrise in Casablanca is a unique experience. It is one of those magical places where centuries of history and tradition embrace the modernity of our days and an unforgettable experience begins.

To get started, the energy crew is going to give the Welcome Kit to our guest. The kit has everything they need to attend the event and warm up to the party. It also includes precise instructions on how to download and use the Energy App.


There is a big expectation in front of the towers. When everyone arrives, the show begins. An amazing projection will be launched on the most famous Casablanca towers.

After that, we pick up the guests from the venue lead by the Coke Energy truck, we take them on a ride with the Energy Convoy to admire the show and we will bring them back to the venue!

On the bus, full of music and fun, they are explained that to enter the party they have to show the bracelet to the


Once inside our particular Coke Energy universe, the guests choose amongst the different touchpoints that bring them closer to the brand. A personalized logo with their name, a digital photocall that shows all their inner energy or some

energetic neons that are the first call of attention of the sets of our unique thematic party.

But the first real surprise comes from our Mimetic Dancers, assaulting the guests as they enter the party. They are part of the Energy Crew, a very energetic host team that has been with them since morning.

This is just the beginning. The Energy Bubbles come out in a nonstop fashion creating an iconic Coca-Cola atmosphere. Next to it, the Energy Button beats, inviting them to play the roulette.

In one corner the participants of the Show Up Dance Battle challenge each other without taking off their VR glasses.


The interactive dance floor Show Up and Jump is also on fire. But the focus of all eyes is on The Showing Up Room, where people line up to go inside and release all their energy. Meanwhile, The Barman Shows Up, with its energy cocktails and his Energy Freezer machine keeps on making slushies. Hours pass and people drink, dance, and post the experience.


The party is ending, since today, the energy in Casablanca will never be the same.


© 2020 por  XELMY

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