Each craft beer has a distinctive flavor and a story behind each drink. The factors that unite Kiyoshi are the passion to use only the best quality ingredients and the devoted attention to detail in every manufacturing process. For this reason, it is just as important that the label represents its history and unique brand, to differentiate it from the competition in the Asian craft beer market.

Kiyoshi, despite being an American brand, behind it is a family of Asian origin with an ancestral recipe. The target audience is young people who want to enjoy a different and not very expensive beer.

We are inspired by its roots, the strength of the tiger and the desired positioning in the artisan market.

The label is a market tool that attracts, intrigues and closes the deal. We considered a wide range of paper and film label products, including smooth and textured materials with moisture resistant properties and products that work with embossing and embossing, we cover different design possibilities, and make sure that the brand stand out from the rest.

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