The need to create a bond.


Currently, FC ANDORRA is a factory of real emotions and a school of infinite values. Emotions and values ​​that are also part of Andorran society. We want to create a link, create a union that represents all that is FC Andorra and Andorra country, and we want it to be seen with the naked eye.

The birth of the bond.


The greatest link a club can have with its fans and with anyone is its jersey. Currently, the FC Andorra shirt is clearly not linked to everyone it represents.


At the same time, all the feelings and emotions of a country like Andorra converge on its flag, which goes hand in hand with its colors, colors that have accompanied the club's jersey since its inception.


For this reason, we understand the jersey as a flag. A banner that represents emotions, experiences, ambition, society, landscapes, * philosophy, etc.


The FC Andorra jersey is not a kit, it is a flag of values ​​and emotions.

How do we move the flag?


We start from an inspirational video to impact social media with the involvement of the main team and the lower categories. We encourage everyone, residents and tourists to buy the shirt that represents what they live or will live in Andorra.

Creation of online dynamics.


RESULT: We disseminate the results of the matches of all categories of the club.


HISTORY: We create content with athletes and people linked to the club, with stories and anecdotes that help develop the roots of collective memory.


T-SHIRT: We will put on sale the main tool that will serve as the main identification of the people who join the initiative.


SWEEPSTAKES: Giveaways and participation dynamics to keep in touch with our community.

Club website.


We will update the club's website so that visitors can easily access the purchase of tickets and t-shirts. We will do it through a responsive Online Store and with a strong UX base so that the user can make the purchase they want in a few clicks. We will also highlight the section with a permanent and floating button so that it is accessible at all times.

Online Store


We understand the UX-based online fan. The user will find a platform that with many clicks, gets their product or entry to the basket and only has to checkout.

The incorporation of this space within the web is with a special section on the upper right side of the page. It always accompanies us, in any part of the web browsing with the buttons: BUY TICKETS! and ONLINE STORE.

Mobile UX.


1. APP

Creation of the FC Andorra application, where the user can buy tickets, products, access live match information, and leaderboards.


2. Electronic ticket

At the time of making the purchase, the user will receive in his email the digital entry that will allow him to access the field.

Physical Applications.


Implementation of the campaign in different physical media such as: bus stops, posters, vehicles, banners, point of sale, etc.

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