Problem: The Catalan language is the official language of Andorra. Currently, we find that the use of Catalan is not fully present in different daily social spheres and especially among young people.


Therefore, we want everyone who is in Andorra, regardless of their nationality and level of Catalan, to use Catalan in their day. We want people to feel free, calm, and safe speaking Catalan. We want everyone to remember that Catalan can be used, its possibilities, and that they learn it with conviction.


Solution: We have done an online and offline campaign focused on the target audience, young people from 12 to 28 years old. They are the youth that tomorrow will drive the language of their children. With the campaign we have proposed, we will make them ambassadors of the language thanks to our musical HIT.


This musical piece was performed with Dany León, an Andorran singer of Colombian origin. This singer reminds us that, regardless of your origin, you can learn and use Catalan to perfection. If he can, we all can.

The base of the campaign is based on Catalan phrases. These that have accompanied us when it comes to expressing ourselves and is a clear example of how, many times, we only know how to express ourselves using a phrase made in Catalan to talk about something. In this way, we put into practice an example of the use of phrases and reveal their meaning to a landing page.

The campaign is diffuse in different platforms and channels.

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