A Christmas with More Magic than Ever.

We all know that 2020 has been a different year. A difficult year.


But among all the bad, we have also seen how the animals of the world recovered spaces in different cities. Reindeers in Toronto, swans in Venice, lions strolling the streets of different cities in southern Africa ...
This magnificent display of closeness between animals and people has been the inspiration for a different Christmas campaign, a campaign in which animals take the reins and gratefully save the magic of a unique night.


The campaign, although well thought out digital-first, covers more than 120 pieces and activations, which gives it a strong presence in traditional and non-traditional media, reaching not only the entire population of Andorra but also neighboring countries and the world. .


An impressive spot created by the agency and produced by 23lunes (a leading international animation production company based in Barcelona) is the central axis of this integrated campaign.


For this, from the agency we have worked side by side with the production company in the creation of each and every one of the main characters. Not only from the visual point of view and the design of the character itself, but also from the personality of the same, the characteristics that make them unique and the bases that mark the relationship of each of them with the rest of the group and its role in the adventure itself.


A great job of comprehensive character creation and storytelling, for which we have the best partner we could have ever dreamed of.


So that the campaign reaches absolutely all audiences we have also created and developed a wide variety of actions, both within the shopping center and outside.


The protagonists of our campaign animals took the center of Andorra la Vella (for which we want to thank once again the collaboration of the Andorra la Vella Community) in an unprecedented activation in the country.


With a strong presence on Google Maps, this novel initiative mobilized all Andorran families who took to the streets to be photographed with these cute little animals that, as we all know, have managed to save Christmas in a year in which magic is most necessary never.


For all who came to the mall, the magic continued with an impressive Christmas lighting topped by a giant screen on which exclusive content from the campaign was broadcast.


But the real surprise was inside the warehouses.


At different points in Pyrénées, visitors could live real adventures with the protagonists of our campaign thanks to 3 fun augmented reality activations. A first class development that surprised young and old.


In this way, what came to the agency as one more Christmas brief, became an impressive 360º campaign with a creative and production commitment unprecedented in the country.

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